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CDS (Australasia) Pty Ltd


Education Scheduling Software

CDS: 23 years CELCAT™Software Partners
CELCAT:30+ years’ experience in providing Education Scheduling Software world wide.A Market Leader.

2020 is a difficult year for Education Institutions. We stay in touch with all our customers providing what assistance we can during COVID-19 . Speak to us about how CELCAT Automated Scheduling can assist in re rooming under social distancing guidelines.

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Timetabling.... Attendance.... Calendars....

Staff/Student Experience....

Software that delivers solutions.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring every customer is delivered service excellence and top level support when using CELCAT Software. Look at the CELCAT option before a commitment is made to other providers. We have the answers to your Timetabling and Attendance needs. CELCAT software capability will provide the best solution at a very attractive price.

Software that drives efficiency.

We know our CELCAT Products that will drive the scheduling process. More than 20 years of deployments and satisfied customers.Constructing an effective timetable is always a challenging task for any software. Institutions need CELCAT Software built for effectiveness but at a price that is attractive. We provide software integration to Student Management Systems (CELCAT already have some major SMS integrations in place).


CELCAT Automation is 21st century technology used to automate the timetable process through templates and constraint driven tasks. Automation of timetables is built around instructions on how you want the timetable to function. Applying Constraints and Rules will produce effective and efficient timetable solutions. CDS will consult with customers who choose the automation option to ensure they are data ready on a fee for service basis. NB: CELCAT Automation requires training in CELCAT Timetabler Client.

Out of the Box Solutions

CELCAT Software has a range of applications that will deliver powerful scheduling solutions including greater student and staff experiences.


Training delivered on site (or can be by video in some instances) and targeted towards your Institute deployment strategy.

Scheduling Operations

Strategic Solutions

A timetable is an important part of any institution. The timetable makes courses attractive to students, allows staff and students the right-work-study mix and makes best use of resources. Staff and students need to know where they are having classes. Management need to know how resources are being utilised. Our customers choose the components that are needed for their Education delivery. CELCAT will increase your staff and student experience. CELCAT Calendar applications for staff and students or populate industry mail calendars direct. CELCAT can push timetables to large screens such as in a foyer to provide the viewing audience event location and detail.

News: A new version of CELCAT is coming in 2021 and will revolutionise education scheduling.

Customised training to suit your Institution delivered by skilled CELCAT Trainers.


Some of our customers. Many have been with us for a very long time.


    Our goal is satisfaction.


CELCAT Automation

A high end solution for those Institutions who wish to automate the timetabling process. CELCAT Automation is not for every institute. Institutes need to be data ready before embarking on automation. It could take many months to get to the "automation ready" stage.

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‣ Improving staff and student satisfaction .
‣ Connecting between timetable stakeholders.
‣ Integrate with student management systems.
‣ Reducing the cost of delivery.
‣ Supporting the academic scheduling business.
‣ Having a Product mix that meets the need of the modern institution.
‣ Powerful software to overcome scheduling.
‣ Attractive pricing structures.
‣ Continual Improvement
‣ Fitting the TAFE, Universities, Private Colleges model.
‣ Ensuring latest technology in software.
‣ Having responsive support staff.
‣ Managing resource utilisation.
More Customers

We work with many Education Institutions across Australia, SE Asia and the Pacific right up to Japan.

Here are more of our truly valued customers...if you wish to contact any about CELCAT or CDS please go direct:

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Contact our CELCAT Software specialists to find out more about our prices and services. We are always ready to answer your questions. All communications are commercial in confidence. See full staff details on the Contact Page.

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