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CELCAT User Training
  • 3 days.
  • All aspects of using CELCAT Timetabler Client.
  • On Site.
  • 3 days - very select staff only.
  • All Staff who will administer CELCAT applications.
  • Covers all purchased Software.
Attendance User
  • For Teaching Staff marking registers.
  • Can be large groups at once - 2 hour sessions.
  • Live or Attendance Windows.
Attendance Administrator
  • 1 day Course.
  • All aspects of setting and using up Attendance.
  • Includes Reporting.
User Refresher Training
  • 2 days.
  • Update knowledge of CELCAT or reacquaint with CELCAT software.
  • Includes latest features as released.
Automation Training
  • 10 days
  • All aspects of CELCAT Automated Scheduling.
  • Experienced CELCAT Users only.
  • Mix of on site and off site delivery.